changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i've never seen a zombie movie i didn't like.

now i qualify that statement by saying i've only seen one zombie movie.

now i qualify that statement by saying it's possible i did see this one zombie movie from the 50's when i had spent the night at my grandparents' house during my early years. even though i watched it during the mid-morning hours, it still succeeded in scaring the fuck out of me for at least a year after that. my fear manifested in my refusal to ever leave an interior door partially open because, of course, a zombie could hide behind it. this little bit of paranoia eventually segued into my fear of the dead in spirit form. incorporeal essences, flashes of that which isn't there, bloody mary... they were all there in the dark and half-dark of night or the full-daylight of an empty house. to this day, i'm uncertain i would ever want to live in a home segmented into many rambling rooms. you can't keep a close eye on that which shouldn't be there when there are too many hiding places.

back to the post. tuesday night, salty_c_dog was kind enough to float me a free pass to the movie grill in addison to see britain's newest comedic zombie film shaun of the dead. when i was initially informed of the screening, i wasn't hesitant (it was a free movie after all)... but i was feeling a bit critical of its entertainment value. i had never heard of it and feared it might be of frighteningly low-budget quality. i was informed by nakedjew that he had seen portions of this film on his london flight, but i don't think he was terribly impressed beyond the initial disembowelment scene. then i stumbled across some shaun of the dead blurbs as i was googling for the name of the song swapped in donnie darko. it all seemed to point to fate.

so off i went to meet salty and his mother's best friend's boyfriend's co-worker's sister-in-law's dentist's shoeshine boy. i'm pretty sure his name was chris, but i'm renowned for my ability to blank out on a name during introductions. despite the knowledge that a river would need to flow, i consumed a beer to lubricate my work-frazzled nerves and ease into the cinematic unknown.

i was grandly surprised to find i enjoyed the film. it was clever, it was amusing, the actors spoke with some of the best british accents i've ever heard... there were one or two of them that i couldn't even understand! i even managed to sit on my beer-inflated bladder all the way through the q&a with the director and the two lead actors. god. what a night.

then i returned home and promptly ensured all interior doors were either all the way open or all the way closed.
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