changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i want pink panties: the conclusion

this is a post continuing in the tradition of posts about panties and the seemingly never-ending quest to find the proper pair of pink panties. well, it just might be over...

last september, i went to see lost in translation. whenever i was asked by anyone about lost in translation, i had two things to say:

1. i loved the ending. it was perfect. it couldn't have been better. and this from someone who is very difficult to please with an ending... be it a book or a movie. i've come to disregard them as inconsequential in an attempt to lessen my disappointment with the myriad of lesser endings abounding in this world. and to really push the good ending of this movie, they scored it with jesus and mary chain's just like honey. and,

2. i want pink panties.

the reason i bring all of this up now is because this morning, as i was sitting on the can, i realized that j&m chain's honey's dead had managed to mysteriously work its way into the rotation on my cd player. and then i realized that mere weeks ago, i had finally come as close to acquiring the mythic pink panties as i was going to get. my long-time readers might remember my previous attempts at locating the perfect pair as well as their accompanying failures.

well, this particular pair might not look as fantastic cloaked on to my ass as on others, but they fit well enough. besides, they are underpants and it's not like anyone's going to see them. i can even ignore the fact that the maker of said underpants engaged in one of my pet peeves (making me into a walking billboard for their company by espousing their name in a 4pt font on the tiny waistband) because:

a) they are underpants and it's not like anyone's going to see them, and

b) the white font barely shows up on pale pink (unlike the black underpants which i opted out of to punish them for trying to make me into a walking billboard for their company).
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