changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003


as i left the back door to my grandparents' home, i turned left, walked to the end of the wall, turned left again and began following the length of the old and greyed wooden fence toward the street.

it was eerily quiet and all i could hear was the rustling of the tall, yellow grass in the neighboring field. the rustling suddenly became more frantic as i looked up to see a massive, white bull trot around the end of the fence and come to a rest staring directly at me.

while trying to suppress my fear and embrace logic and any residual information i might contain regarding animal behavior in the wild garnered during youthful nights watching marlin perkins, i remembered that bulls have limited depth perception. using this hopeful piece of knowledge, i began slowly backing up toward the fence following an axis that connected me with this towering animal. as far as he could tell, i wasn't moving at all. and then it hit me and the panic began to set back in. i think he realized at the same time as me that i was perched upon a red wagon. RED.

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