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consumption of pellets

despite my most industrious efforts at consuming assorted fruit sours this weekend, i was unable to produce rainbow colored shit. or vomit. i do, however, think i might be well on my way to creating a somewhat temporary disdain for assorted fruit sours.

after a weekend of semi-failed plans replaced with hours of extra sleeping, i find myself left feeling.. well, sleepy.

my poor, sick boyfriend darren was still battling an uneasy stomach on friday and felt he would be better kept at home. like a trooper, i prepared for my pre-midnight movie nap, slept for three hours, and awoke to the decision fight club would live without me. i then proceeded to sleep another 9 hours or so.

i spent saturday dragging my feet and getting much of nothing done until the last possible moment when i raced the clock to process some much needed laundry. i even managed some visiting time to listen to a distraught E who had just completed her first week of teaching high school after only having taught elementary school. the poor thing has been given several basic sophomore english classes filled to the brim with latino hoods that would just as soon squash her with their thumbs as participate in her class. quite the dream-killer i imagine. mr. ellis, i feel E would probably be thrilled to take you up on your offer of consultative services. she's a desperate, desperate woman. and you know how desperate women flock to you. but not me, of course.

unbelievably, i scored yet another free pass into Hotel Jew saturday night. and i finally convinced NJ to attend a movie with me. can you believe that? two months and he's never been to a movie with me? i think he was afraid i might try to touch him. grody. so we went to the new angelika in plano. it was like the angelika in dallas on botox. it was scary. it was a glimpse of the futuristic world once places like plano and frisco have devoured all that is sacred and supplanted themselves in their stead. there were strips of blue lights in the cement floors. there were very few movie-go'ers. the theaters were huge and stacked to dizzying heights. i believe this was an effort at mind-control to cause great fear that you might fall to your death. fear=control. the seats were hopefully of a leather-substitute fabric and were so widely spaced you couldn't put your feet on the seat in front of you (not that i would, i was just testing it out). legacy park (within which the theater is located) consisted of glass-and-metal box after glass-and-metal box and i'm almost certain there were really only three businesses (a restaurant, a salon, and a boutique) repeated over and over again.

we went to see maria full of grace. we quickly and unequivocally decided the moral of the story was: don't forget the toothpaste. i don't want to smell your shit. and best friends named Blanca should be cut loose quickly. they are nothing but selfish little whores hell-bent on going out of their way to fuck everything up. it was shortly after this that i believe i fashioned some amazing quote myself that i was prepared to copyright, and now it has completely left me.

we decided to shuffle off the stink of cardboard modernism at a little bar/eatery called obzeet. which i finally remembered is also a store in grapevine mills mall. this confused me. though i'm certain NJ has had many fond and memorable evenings at the establishment, we seemed to be there on an off-night. we secured a table and then renounced it after realizing it had a giant picture of a dallas cowboy's football helmet trapped underneath the glass. i almost got trapped myself in the bathroom stall since it was so small i couldn't stand fully erect to reassemble my clothing. we tried sitting outside but were assaulted by a blues/classic rock cover band consisting of 50-something year olds while i battled down someone who thought he could beat me in a staring contest. (i won.) we slammed our beers and spent 10-15 minutes waiting for take out while staring at two waitresses being soundly berated by a german nazi woman while NJ pet one of said waitresses.

since we had just finished watching a movie about drugs, we decided to return "home" and watch a movie about drugs since NJ, somewhat ironically, had never viewed party monster. we parked the extra jew on the floor and some extra beers in my mouth and let mr. st james take us away.

sunday i finally pulled myself out of my laziness to get back to dallas in time for some vintage shopping and kalachandji-eating with darren. unfortunately, my boyfriend was still being plagued by nausea. i really need to get that boy fixed. so i hit the trail on my own and accomplished most everything on my list until i had the beginning of a sinking spell upstairs at lula b's and consumed the sugar off enough gum until i could race over to cosmic cafe for sustenance.

and then i slept for three hours before going to bed.

and i'm still sleepy. i think i might be dying. i'm pretty sure i'm dying. it's making me a little sad to be dying.
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