changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

flashbacks, garden state, finding neverland. the title is as boring as the post.

i've noticed during the last couple of months that i have been experiencing sudden flashes of memory. very obscure images pop up before my eyes. a still from a movie i watched 10 years ago and didn't even like (mad dog & glory). a plethora of snapshots of moments in life i haven't thought about since they happened and had no reason to recall at that point in time. they aren't a part of my catalog of memories that have been saved for whatever reason and used to define swatches of my existence upon request.

as my 32nd birthday was fast approaching, i decided this phenomena meant my life was doing the proverbial flashing before my eyes and death was soon to follow. well, so far so good. and i'm actually rather enjoying the little mindfuck.

i was just in the restroom and another memory came to me. it wasn't really of the same unwarranted caliber as the others. i had reason to pull this one out of storage.

in the recently-defunct club called Red Jacket (which, btw, eventually founded the Disco Doggie and Kitty Pet Rescue), the males using the urinals would find a small hole in the wall in front of them. upon investigation, they would be titillated with pictures of pin up girls. well, you know how males are. they would oooh and ahhhh and make disdainful remarks at the sight of some free T&A.

the best part about this set up is that the males were largely unaware that their crapper was bugged. and the receiving end of that bug had been placed in the ladies room. though somewhat disconcerting for a girl initially as she panics that someone is actually on the other side of the wall peeping at her privates in action, the discovery of the prank made it well worth it.

now... i'm bored enough to go ahead and make a boring post. because i'm really bored. and unentertained. and i'm taking everybody with me...

i still was without my pussy coffee mix that morning and decided to run some errands and then attempt to pick some up caffeine at an independent coffee house near the lakewood theater. i circled several times and could not seem to find it. but, much to my surprise, there was a starbucks conveniently located within two steps of where i was searching. and i wasn't even in plano. oh well. i tried.

i later chatted for a few minutes with amy and darren at the magnolia after they had exited a showing of garden state. then they left and i got in line with the monster for our showing of garden state. amy and darren wet their pants over the movie. monster and me thought it was good and then took our dry pants over to yet another starbucks.

i met darren and hundreds of others at the angelika for a free screening of finding neverland. for some illogical reason, another free screening was scheduled for the same time slot and the crowd was overwhelming. nakedjew called to say he was going to become a lizard handler for the city of dallas and i told him to not call me in a public place if all he wanted to do was talk dirty. i also recommended he apply some lotion to reduce the scaliness. director marc forster was there for a q&a and sounded distinctly hanz-und-franz.

does anyone have any questions or stories today? most of my lj regulars seem to be on vacation these days, so i don't know why i bother asking. -signed, lonely in cyberspace.
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