changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

jewish cinema followed by curiosa

after friday rolled around the corner and i found myself swathed in the aroma of pigeon expiration and a tediously boring day at employment, i hit the tollway and made some quarters on my way to the jewish bootlegger's house.

since this was only the second time i had been allowed to visit, i became frazzled again that i might be knocking on the wrong door since i could not discern any street number signage and because there was a nakedjew-uncharacteristic flowerdy door mat and because the wrong jew answered the door. but against these odds, i did manage to land at the correct domicile.

i was actually invited in and i think we must've gone to the hula hut for veggie burgers. i can't quite remember correctly as i was painfully sober at the time. i know there was a television hanging from the ceiling displaying a parade of non-athletic individuals dressed in bizarre supposedly-ethnic costumes waving flags, shooting video, and holding up cellphones to the crowd.

here's where it gets good... we arrived back at the temple-like residence and broke out the alcohol. honestly, after being trapped in a tiny, motorized space with two very spastic and high-pitched jews (one of which exhibited disdainful driving behavior), i really needed some beers and stat. so i got beers and the three of us snuggled down on the couch (with all of our pants on despite my many protestations) to watch one of fuckface's all-time favorites... mausoleum. oh my god it was scary! there is nothing like a C- (after the bonus work was turned in) horror flick from the early-80's and i think we can all be thankful for that. however, it did prompt me to accidentally create a brand-new word the following morning as i attempted to recall it's title: Immaculation (the noun and it's verb form). as in "after god Immaculated into the Virgin Mary, the sweet baby Jesus was conceived."

as was mentioned in the previous Pigeon of Death post, i spent the bulk of saturday at the curiosa festival watching oodles of big people and skinny people alike traipse about in unstoppable numbers. i was pleased the "cool" weather had stuck around long enough to keep me from suffering from heatstroke and darren was pleased to learn that JD's lynchburg lemonade actually improves the condition of his headaches. we were saddened to see the rapture was unable to bring their discoball and i was saddened to see the white-shirted cow bell twins were actually just one person. goodness. what was i drinking at that first show? we watched interpol and i was pleased to learn the lead singer is reminiscent of ian curtis, which made me like them when i falsely expected i did not.

we even moved over to the b-stage to see mogwai. i was correct in thinking i do not fancy them. instrumental lulls me to complacency too much. on the plus side... at the b-stage is where darren and i were able to gaze upon our love child rupert and his best friend rufus. rupert was spawned during a summer fling we had the summer after my junior year. we were obviously young and ill-equipped to raise a child so we did the right thing and put him up for adoption. it was hard, but we knew we must. rupert's non-birth parents have been kind enough to keep us abreast of his upbringing with periodic photos, copies of report cards, and the occasional cemented handprint which now hang on my closet wall. rupert is looking fantastic these days though we were displeased to see he has taken up with a ramen-haired boy who looks to be nothing but trouble. we will discuss this with his non-birth parents at our next inter-parental conference.

i felt unappealing before going to curiosa. i felt unappealing and nasty after going to curiosa. halfway through our 1 mile drive back to my apartment, i decided i would not let this stop us from going to the bar. we tidied and headed back over to the meridian room to consume and look at ed norton's pants. and then it happened. i was sleepy and inebriated enough to let darren guide me to minc to see if we could surreptitiously spot nakedjew performing drunken disco dancing. no such luck. not even a wonderwoman. but we did see the husky blonde trannie who sometimes gets her hair teased by the bathrooms. oh yes... and darren and i peed behind one another. that was about it really.
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