changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

photos from birthday event #3: birthday proper

the email issues have finally been resolved and i now present the

here is where i prove that darren, without a doubt, was complicit in Operation Birthday Coverup:

here i am modeling the extremely fancy, extremely noisy, and extremely iridescent pelvic covering that darren gifted me with (this comes in handy later).:

after many drinks, darren began feeling frisky and checked, once again, to see if his titties had started filling in yet (this has been going on since i met him during his sophomore year of high school and, if anything, they've shrunk since then).:

after becoming disappointed that his titties still have not filled in, darren took it upon himself to show us what had filled in. i tried my best to keep it away, but it was hard.:

NJ was impressed, yet a little frightened. the monster was confounded, but couldn't look away.:

after regaining her senses from the shocking display, E grabbed a camera and began snapping away in the hopes of capturing the momentous occasion to create a quality photograph to hang over their bed.:

the monster was obviously aroused by all the activity and returned to its natural conjoined state:

regardless of the fact that i was worn out, i was still placed on the back of the bouncing homo in an attempt to drain his enthusiasm. silly homo... he didn't understand that he had me on the wrong side.:

updated: the evidence is back from the lab...
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