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1.5 week birthday extravaganza 2004 - events #1 and #2

E and i flew down the highways at time-defying speeds to the initial birthday destination: tyler. this is obviously the family portion of the extravaganza. we arrived in time for me to get naked and into swimming attire for a very chilly poolside adventure. after my noontime margarita, i began cycling in and out of consciousness as my upper half lay on the concrete like a beached whale. as the minutes wore on, the participants of the conversation on the patio magically appeared and disappeared with each dip of my brainwaves.

saturday just so happened to be the 60th birthday of my father's cousin suzy. greg, one of her sons, was in town along with grace, aunt margie, and uncle wayne. toss my grandparents into the mix and we had quite a crowd. oddly enough, suzy decided we should dine at a quaint little italian place in winona which just so happened to be on a block straight out of a dream i had about a year ago. fortunately, the ghost of my paternal cousin amy did not show up during dinner to impart any wisdom.

after my mom consumed enough wine, she began to engage me in a conversation about animal rights which ended with a variation on one of her favorite themes: "so since you're a vegetarian and i'm not, does that mean you think less of me?" fortunately, it was already time to go and that conversation was cut short.

birthday event#1 - here's where the night gets weird. darren was in town. we phoned and he said he was already at the pub and grub. god that sounded familiar and we finally realized why. this particular pub and grub was much more frightening and we quickly spotted darren with the Virgin April, davy, joey, trish, claire, and ron. darren had already been drinking for hours and it showed. we went to "the basement" where we were taken aback by the frightening crowd which was engaged in some sort of hip hop line dancing. words cannot properly convey. they were a mix of something from a different decade and an alternate dimension. i quickly became thankful that dallas had such superior people opportunities.

after being scared for long enough, most of us moved back upstairs where darren proceeded to tell the deep, dark secrets of about ten people we knew from high school and one secret was then told about him which he refuses to confirm or deny. my world began to tilt as i was forced to reassess my ancient knowledge of so many people all at once. darren continued to order drinks and i became so worried for him that i commandeered one of them. ironically, the massive quantities of alcohol actually rid him of the tremendous headaches he usually suffers from on a daily basis.

birthday event #2 - sunday it was my turn to birthday. the same crowd from the night before showed up to gorge on my traditional birthday choice of eggplant-mushroom spaghetti and lemon cake. i was feeling tropical after my morning swim and decided to decorate the cake myself. it was quite fancy really.

as you can see, my parents gifted me with a digital camera. beware: superfluous images are sure to abound from here on out.

wednesday brought birthday event #3: birthday proper...
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