changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

doublewide: dynamite x 2, cosmic cafe x 2

a week ago sunday, NakedJew flew the skies overhead, darren and i cruised harry hines scouting out mexican flea markets and titty bars before consuming at cosmic cafe and heading to the magnolia to see Napoleon Dynamite.

napoleon dynamite:
i rather liked it. i have heard several people say it wasn't as laugh-out-loud funny as they thought it would be. i awarded points for clever presentation of opening credits.

summary: the fingers of napoleon dynamite move in and out with a rhythmic pulsing that brings the viewer pleasure in ever-increasing waves until the threshold of subtle humor is crossed with a deep and final thrust.

after receiving many,many souvenirs from his trip to london/berlin, i ate with NakedJew. such a big step to take with a shiny, new person. so i took him somewhere i hadn't been in quite a long time: cosmic cafe. i knew he would fancy it because beer is on the menu and he really likes to eat beer. he says advantages to consuming beer are twofold (at least):

1) it makes me look really pretty
2) it makes me easier to be around

i've never known a boy with such kind words.

since NJ ate a lot of beer that night and it was raining like a bat out of hell, he stayed over. and we barely slept. winkwink. because my window insisted on releasing a quart of water drop by noisy drop from a height of seven feet for hours on end.

i made plans to visit NJ on his home turf. so he came to deep ellum claiming a lesser Jew had invaded his home. i checked my boyspeak codebook and learned this translates to:

oh shit. i still have a chick over here from last night. she's a bit psychotic and refuses to leave.

i dragged us on an errand to purchase siouxsie tickets at cd world which then turned into a cd-purchasing crusade to the creepy 'cd world' and tower. NJ had only been able to purchase dozens of discs abroad and needed to get a fix. it's a sickness.

one nice thing about new friends is that you break out of your rut a little bit and will go to new places. like cosmic cafe. but we didn't go there friday night. instead, we went to Doublewide proper, which is about two blocks from my apartment. the purported presence of velvet paintings, macrame plant holders, and non-stop videos of tornadoes had put darren off somewhat from wanting to visit. i wasn't particularly thrilled by the animal carcasses, but who can say 'no' to a bar that serves beer in a can? as i was in need of an "early night" and a hangover free morning, i settled for getting sufficiently looped on three cans and was escorted home.

because on saturday, E arrived at 9am to assist me in ushering in the official beginning of the 1.5 Week Birthday Extravaganza 2004...

i am 31. i am 31. i am 31.
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