changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

her mother's left breast flashed in patriotic strobes of red and blue.

it was a long, hard, tedious road and celebration at macaroni grill-plano was a must. the dinner served a dual purpose as sunday was to be hank's 32nd birthday. because hank is older than me. hahaha.

i arrived home early enough to make an emergency mojito call to darren at the conclusion of which i became so excited, i scratched oskar's belly and proceeded to inadvertently behead a vintage figurine with my non-bare hips. it was a clean break and he is looking much better now.

after i finished sucking back my tears and talking oskar back down from all the excitement, i climbed into darren's car and we sped away to the meridian room.

i had specifically told darren 1 MOJITO! EARLY NIGHT!, knowing full well we would have two. and we did. and just when i thought i was home free, i'll have a buttery nipple on ice slipped out to our ed-norton-lookalike bartender.
a what?

and it was a little glass of nippledy heaven.

i got up terribly early saturday so i could leave my house by 11:30 to meet with cousin mara for an afternoon of rummaging through the homes of the recently departed. since we were late in the game, the pickings were slim though the last stop was still in full swing and i scored three 50's-era sagey green couch pillows and some sad hankies which needed someone to love them.

after completing forums of discussion with mara and don ranging in topic from politics to teen anal sex, i hurled myself back into dallas proper to attend a birthday coffee drinking endeavor with E and darren at the black forest cafe on hank's birthday's behalf. considering their recent home purchase and incidental lack of money in addition to the sad fact that hank had to work a double shift on his birthday, this was the closest thing to a celebration i could convince them to commit to. poor hank. he was so unhappy about his birthday. probably because he's older than me.

i know this might be hard to believe, but after the coffee, darren and i took our moneybags and late evenings over to the lounge to finish up with some martinis. then i decided one more drink was in order and i requested a buttery nipple on ice.
a what?
at this point, i began to wonder if i was secretly embarrassed to order buttery nipples on ice and was saying it improperly.

this is the part where vishvakarman shows up with salty_c_dog and universes collided. they were looking very sweet wearing mostly matching outfits and shiny bows in their hair. this didn't last long. they were running late for some lameass kung fu ninja movie next door.
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