changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

God is my pal and he wants to be yours too.

i wanted to let everyone know that God has finally won me over.

first of all, i might have mentioned that officemate stephen arranged to spend a week of vacation in jail paying off ticket fees. he returned and declared he had only been incarcerated a short 40 hours.

how did you manage that? did you perform tasks?


stephen's hand:
-placed firmly on conveniently-located bible-

god. god got me out.

no way. that is so nice that God gave you $400!

obviously i was convinced at this point and ready to start reaping the benefits...

you might remember that approximately five weeks ago, i received a flat tire. 1.5 weeks later, i was still putting off replacing the spare, because that's what i do best.

that friday, you might remember that my battery died. now i know i originally spoke of Karma regarding this, but i have since changed my mind and renamed Karma (and Coincidence) to God. God led me to replace my battery and while i was at it, my spare. not to mention, this was the day i became a proud AAA member.

while i was in richardson visiting mara and don, don noticed yet another tire had gone flat. and coincidentally, that i had (supposedly) over-inflated another tire which i had deemed as low with 12 lbs of air. (i believe this to be an exaggerated estimate on don's behalf.) both factors explain why my car shimmied to near tragedy while driving at excessive speeds on a curved highway.

thanks to God, i now had not only a new spare, but a free pass to have someone else put it on my car (in record time, no less).

when i was busy cleaning away preparing for july 4 guests, i became disgruntled and threw away the couch's revolting throw pillows, among other things. this was very unusual behavior for me as i am a consummate pack rat. this was obviously God's way of clearing the path for the three vintage couch pillows found at the estate sale a couple of weeks later. i also have reason to believe he issued the death warrant of the former owner of said pillows.

He works in mysterious ways.
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