changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

these days, i prefer lime

once, when i was quite young, back in the 70's, my parents left me and my sister in the custody of my paternal grandparents at 2028 Hunter Street so that they might attend a March of Dimes banquet.

not long after their departure, tragedy struck in the form of a popular 70's-era toy: The Lemon Twist.

The Lemon Twist and i had experienced a mutually beneficial relationship up to that point as i sweated my youth out in salty excretions to its gleeful chortle reminiscent of a plastic maraca (the toy "Lemon Seeds", if you will). The Lemon Twist and i became too excited as it whirled it's lemony mass N-E-S-W over and over again. and then it happened.

our timing fell apart. there was a hesitation... and a costly one at that. The Lemon Twist and i came crashing down, face first, and met with our new playtime companion: The Driveway.

as The Lemon Twist was left limp and saddened on the warm concrete, i was whisked away to the kitchen sink were the compressions to my lip began. as the flow of the sanguine river refused to ebb, i was hurled into the backseat of the boat-like Buick with my grandfather. at one point, my grandmother realized her sister, the "nurse", was in a nearby vehicle and she abandoned the automobile and left us to travel 5 mph by ourselves for a time to the soundtrack emanating from my grandfather: "MARTHA! MARTHA!".

after a hurried trip to retrieve my parents and visit the emergency room where a throng of nurses pinned me down using the auxiliary scrape on my knee to teach me not to struggle, i was sent home without stitches to await the formation of a nasty lip scab which would later loosen itself and take flight during an intense battle of Ultimate Raspberry with my sister while i sat perched upon the toilet. the knee scab would later be found amongst my bedsheets to my shrieks that a bug had invaded my bed.
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