changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

food. will we ever eat it again?

as a means of practicing for when i have a digital camera and can spend countless hours taking useless photos, i created the following pixelated masterpieces.

part I: the peppers, a series
background: my family consists of three compulsively neat freaks. when we sing the song which one doesn't belong, you can pretty much bet i'll be the answer. mom is the neatest freak of them all. she's the queen bee neat freak. she's a neatophiliac. her skills of neat are astounding and borderline preternatural.

which is why it's unbelievable that, amongst the heaps of neatness in her home, you could possibly stumble across the likes of these:

these are peppers they grew in the backyard. dad claims the purple one suffered from a sun blister, thus producing a very thin skin. you want to know the truly creepy part? notice how there is no mold or fuzz growing on these grotesque examples of God's fruit gone awry. even their expired produce is clean.

part II: food porn
then i went to dylan's post-roller-skating-birthday-party birthday party. i was fascinated by the plate of boiled hot dogs. this is what you get when you only spend a dollar on a package of tubular-shaped rejected animal bits:
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