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jesus? aisle 7 at the Super Wal-Mart. (aka: dylan turns 8)

i'm in tyler this weekend for my nephew Dylan's 8th birthday.

i was a little miffed that i was not informed there would be a family dinner followed by cake and presents last night (his actual birthday), so i arrived late and without a prepared gift. my mood fluctuated all day long as a result of my car battery issues, full work schedule, harried trip out of town, and countless calls from work telling me i would have to program a god awful political script that night from a remote location (more on that later).

today, after a brief swim, i muddled my way through best buy and realized what i was looking for was not in stock. a phone call to my sister revealed i was going to have to visit a location on the top of my shopping shit list: the Wal-Mart.

i managed to find a decent spot and disembarked from my auto into the staggering, sweltering black-top heat only to find i'd stepped directly into the path of a parking lot proselytizer. i was thrilled to have my first opportunity to shout to the public-at-large "NO THANKS... I'M AN ATHEIST". i know what you're thinking and i was too... this should be an open invitation to save a lost lamb in a jesus-loving city where the proselyzation circuit is a tough business. instead, he just reminded me and everyone within earshot that jesus loves me and have a nice day.

i proceeded to acquire the remainder of dylan's gifts, including a walt disney princess card which i am certain he is just going to love. i think me being unprepared yesterday was God's way of giving me the opportunity to present this card to my nephew in front of all his friends... along with his gift:

i can hardly wait.

in the meantime, i'm sipping on another of dad's "famous" blue-tinted margaritas. which segues nicely into the photo of the kids' first alcoholic drink i had promised:

isn't she pretty getting all liquored up? it was a truly proud day for me.:
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