changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i am accruing credit against future karmic retribution

officemate steven went to jail for his vacation on wednesday afternoon. we are currently brining up approximately 1.25 projects per week. for my end, that's not usually too bad. then tragedy struck...

this morning i made my way out to my shiny, silver shitmobile (because it's literally covered in shit) at my usual time of fifteen-minutes-late and hopped into the driver seat. i turned the key in the ignition and was paid back in a currency consisting of a series of insect-like clicks and an ejected cassette tape. it was an unfair exchange rate and it did not make me feel good.

i promptly phoned my mother and asked her to give me some good news. instead, she told me my battery was dead. it's not particularly what i wanted to hear.

i decided that Fate was giving me a not-so-gentle push in the form of a dead battery to finally replace the sliced tire that had been sitting in my trunk for exactly three weeks.

i am now a AAA member and have already reaped a reward in the form of a quiet man with a yellow box spilling over with super-charged power. even Sears was on my side after processing me quickly through their service queue and sending me on my way with a shiny new battery and a glistening donut of black rubber love.

also on the plus side... my CHECK ENGINE light finally gave up the ghost last week.

ps: i suppose my workload must really not be bad at all considering i've managed to find the time to make a post. i feel a little guilty that the owner's daughter had left a gift certificate on my desk to thank me for the mounds of scripting i've been doing. of course, i think it's also an advance kindness considering this is a presidential election year and the political scripting is going to be a fucking bitch.
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