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continuing the celebratory theme of dali's 100th birthday, i set out last thursday night to attend a lecture at the dallas museum of art.

the first speaker was from the UK and infused his lecture with politely naughty comments, photographs of praying mantis pornography, and a friendly,witty inflection. by the time the second speaker stormed the podium, the even keel of his tone combined with the low lights propelled me into fits of uncontrollable yawning. oops. the evening was rounded out with a screening of un chien andalou which always leaves me feeling i'm watching a series of inside jokes from the outside.

after exiting the museum, i crossed back over to the trammel crow building, the garage of which had cosmically sucked my car into it. the desk man seemed rather upset that i had left my parking ticket in my car and was insistent that i retrieve it for his review. unfortunately, i had lost my automobile in the mammoth subterranean serpentine construct of smelly, steamy concrete and steel. i finally realized what had caused my blunder, located the vehicle in the stinkiest spot of all, and moved it as close to the elevators as possible so when i returned, i would be lost for a much shorter period of time. then i fed a bunny.

friday was part II of my date night with darren marked by our viewing of before sunset. i did manage to squeeze in a lapdance this time... it's really the only benefit of the tight seating at the magnolia. i have to admit i was not bowled over by before sunrise. now... anyone who thinks i'm an overly-sentimental yahoo for thoroughly enjoying the second film can stick it straight up their cynical, jaded backsides. darren and i exposed our teeth in a happy formation through the entire eighty minutes and everyone in the audience seemed to agree that the ending ranked among one of the cruelest... which means it was perfect.

we went to the lounge for two drinks. darren tried to force me into stealing a flyer from the ladies room which sported a picture of our favorite jewish lumberjack bartender so that i could put a face to his name for lj-land. seems that against my advice, oliver went and had himself a motorcycle accident. i don't understand why.

for some reason i can no longer remember, we then wound up at the meridian room for two more drinks. i honestly remember very little of what did or didn't happen after that. as soon as i was mobile the following morning, i verified that i had created no electronic communications the night prior.
[log entry: very light pink cosmo + negra modelo + delirium + mojito = partial blackout]

i spent the second half of saturday believing i might have been stood up by a NakedJew. once i finally connected hours and hours later, i learned he thought he might have been stood up by a not-so-Naked-not-so-Jew. that's what i get for buttressing myself against standard methods of communication. it turned out he was less than a mile away at Gray Matters gallery with his jewish friend. you would think i could have employed my super powers to sense this. i met them there for a sweltering half hour or so before we ditched and headed over to the xpo lounge. i was happy to finally confirm the alternate-dimension-bermuda-triangle-like location of this joint. as the night wore on, the jew and friend lucinda showed up while the crowd grew and became entertainingly inebriated. we spent most of our time watching two girls in ..uhh... interesting attire busting out some grand 80's dance moves.

i spontaneously turned into a wet blanket once lucinda had led us to a nearby loft housing her office so that three out of four of us could take a dip in the pool. i suppose i wasn't quite trashed enough to get mostly naked. that's not really true. i was trashed enough to get mostly naked, but still too prissy to want to deal with being wet without a towel.

i was sleepy.
i went to ghettotarget.
i went to central market to counterbalance my trip to ghettotarget.
i napped.
i worked from home.
i slept.
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