changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

art and paint. liquor and fancy dancing.

i'm starting to get a little worried about the cats. several times now, i've come home to find them enjoying country music. i'm afraid it means i haven't been spending enough time with them lately and we've started to grow apart.

saturday – museums&collections
after crawling out of bed, going to the post office, and working a wee bit... darren and i drove through the rain to fort worth to peruse the salvador dali 100 years exhibit and sale. i tried to convince darren to purchase a lithograph or two at the bargain basement price of $1950 each. most pieces ran $30k-$50k with earlier original works hitting the $200k price tag. i swear that some of the pieces were just doodles that sal absent-mindedly scribbled out while on a lobster phone call to the jump rope store or the bubble-butted horse stables. i tried to find an online image of what turned out to be our favorite: design for a saloon.

derwood dropped me back home for another quick power nap before we continued our fine arts thread and headed back out to see kitchen dog theater's production of permanent collection. the actors were so good that they ended up spitting. a lot. just like that friends episode where joey is acting scenes for a WWII movie with gary oldman.

in order to ramp up for what i just knew was going to be the pinnacle of our evening, we started off at JR's. two drinks in and things were already fizzling for us in gaytown, so we went to our safety zone at the meridian room. after one more beverage, darren got up his nerve. he dragged me to minc. and just days after telling someone how much darren disdained minc after our first visit. i consumed yet another beverage, felt up wonderwoman, and watched three people entering the bathroom stalls which were clearly marked: NO MORE THAN TWO PEOPLE IN A STALL AT A TIME. darren announced his groove was on just as i was feeling my buzz dissipating (though i find it hard to believe i was sobering up). i tried really hard to get down and get funky, but i was still reeling from the week long orgy of excessive drinking and recessive sleeping.

sunday – tangy taffy and asparagus
sunday i made some furtive attempts at birthday shopping for darren before making my way to the monster's new house. E's family and hank went on their way and i joined forces with her and co-worker karen as we finished painting the better part of three rooms. ow. ow. ow. it hurt. yet it was strangely cathartic. the past two days, i've been reduced to depending on the handicap handles to lower myself on to the toilet at work. just to be spiteful, the AutoFlusher has stepped up the pace recently and likes to activate just because i've leaned far enough to wipe, thereby eliminating adequate time for the luxury of using the handles to get back up.

i'm sleepy.
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