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get out your reading glasses... i'm very far behind and posts and about to make up for most of it.

friday before last- saved
went with darren and the monster to the angelika to see saved. had some funny moments, especially up front. sorry to hear about dean's faggotry. would've been infinitely better if they'd scrapped the afterschool-special sentiments which began to gain momentum towards the end and kicked the cheesy, melodramatic scoring that popped up to accompany said after-school special sentiments. promptly went to the inwood lounge to get intoxicated on three beers.

saturday before last - control room
magnolia. control room. it tried to make me cry. i'm fairly certain this is the only noteworthy thing i've got for that day. obviously so since i can recollect nothing else. by this point, i'd been abandoned by darren (who was in nyc for the madonna concert, etc) and perhaps i was ignoring the monster and leaving them to moving-related tasks. i'm really uncertain. i think i remember some coconut curry tofu and that's really what counts. it was probably so good that it made me black out and forget everything else.

sunday before last - father's day
again... thoroughly lacking in excitement. and that was okay. i attempted to find a nifty, unique bday present for darren at lovefield antiques and came up empty-handed. well, i did get myself some completely useless rectangular/wooden/avocado green with geisha print snack trays from the 50's because apparently i have this image of myself as a hostess who requires the assistance of snack trays ... never mind that i rarely permit admittance into my dumpster of a home to my friends and family. now i can conveniently carry finger sandwiches and tea breads to them out in the hall.

somewhere in the middle there, i ran a couple of errands, i consumed a hefeweizen at the gingerman, and called up my daddy.

oh yes, and just in the nick of time for bed, Booty Bass arrived home and pumped up the volume as if on cue. i was really irritated and sleepy. as par for the course, i beat on the wall with my shoe several times. then i stood at my door considering the possiblity of opening it so i could knock on hers for a showdown. before i knew it, i was in the hall and knocking. as predicted, she did not answer. so i left her a sweetie-pie note asking to keep it down after hours and then conveniently forgot to sign it. so far, so good.

tuesday before last - breakfast dangerously close to the bus station
i was a brave girl and went all on my own to the outdoor showing of breakfast at tiffany's at pegasus plaza downtown. i parked in a parking garage, took the urine-soaked stairs, and quickly realized there was an excellent chance i would not survive the night. pegasus plaza is lovely. just not for a movie considering the many ornamental pines and completely purposeless cement pillars which did a great job of blocking the screen (as kind of seen in this photo):

that's a really awful photo and does a lousy job of illustrating my point.....wait wait. try this one minus the small child.

i just know that i'm producing heaps of red 'x's and no grashupfer here to clue me in.

i drank my beer and watched 3/4 of the movie before deciding i should get back to the parking garage in case that sign was really serious about locking my car up overnight. i couldn't find the magical door to the stairs and ended up hoofing it on a car ramp with no pedestrian walk. i'm now awaiting the arrival of a ticket since the gate was broken and everyone was driving out without paying. i lingered long enough trying to look earnest about paying with dollar bills in hand that i'm certain they snapped a picture of my license plate with a hidden camera.

last wednesday - NakedJew

i have a new friend. his name is NakedJew (for the obvious reasons). our meeting was rather coincidental. allow me to elaborate...

some might remember a dark time in my life that occurred last fall which was marked by a deep, unyielding obsession for all things party monster. i admit it was grim, but i pushed through to the other side eventually. but before i reached the light at the end of the tunnel, there was the apex of it all: the party monster halloween party at the pit of all ultra-trendy pits...
club blue.

NakedJew and his girlfriend schmoozed their way tooth-and-nail to the place of honor: winners of the costume contest.

all these months later, i chanced upon NakedJew's internet profile which included a photo from halloween. i decided to be rather uncharacteristic by being a friendly and outgoing person and offered my congratulations on their hard fought victory. then... insta-friend!

after all this time, i was sad to learn that my newgayboyfriend randall was two-timing me with NakedJew's woman. the pain in my heart runs deep tonight.

anyhow, i pitted myself against NakedJew in a drinking contest at the meridian room. i was too drunk by the end of a very long school-night to be able to discern who the winner was. however, i do know that i finally tried a delirium and accidentally order one of my new favorites... hacker-pschorr hefeweizen.

last thursday- the marriage

after 3.5 hours of slumber, i awoke to my alarm and a weird feeling in my innards. i finally remembered from whence the weird feeling came and commenced with dragging myself into an upright position. i was so feeble-bellied that i skipped my morning coffee! my eyes were the prettiest shade of ultra-red and my head was buzzing. maybe because i was still drunk. we'll never know for sure.

i marched boldly through my day and grabbed hold of the evening with gusto. [this is where the previous entry about My Melody should be inserted.]

last friday- darren's my daddy

so now it's friday and i'm really a mess.

i traipse out to my automobile and after the spots in my field of vision clear up, i realize that my CHECK ENGINE light has come on. i've never had a CHECK ENGINE light come on. granted, two out of three cars were not equipped with CHECK ENGINE lights, but still. i must have caught it from E's mobile.

i promptly ignore the CHECK ENGINE light and go to work. at late lunchtime, i make my way back to my automobile to discover the reason it was making funny noises when i turned into the parking lot. flat flat tire. rather than inspect it, i turned around and went back to work. i confirmed with my mother that the flat tire was in no way responsible for the appearance of the CHECK ENGINE light.

after much turmoil trying to decide if should break down and beg a co-worker to help me change my tire in the rain, i broke down like the stupid girl i am and called darren back to accept his offer to drive from plano to help me. just when i thought i couldn't be any more in love with darren, he comes in and dirties his hands for me with his manly labours of love. after i cleaned the drool of lust from my bosoms, i took him to a thank you dinner at pei wei.

then i was off for a one hour speed nap before heading out to the inwood lounge to meet vishvakarman where i proceeded to be the most uncharming person ever. i admit i was beat like a hooker at this point and it was a struggle to not combust in a fit of sleep at the midnight screening of delicatessen. considering my diminished abilities at the time, i shall refrain from any movie commentary here. you're welcome.

*i'm too wiped to read this. and who needs spell check. let's just be happy i stopped at friday and didn't attack you with saturday and sunday. yet.
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