changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

it's time i divulged my biggest secret. i'm married. let me introduce you to my wife, My Melody:

after taking care of business, melody and i decided to go check out My Martini martini bar in arlington which used to house an indian buffet. we picked two stools at the bar and ordered up a sexytini, a lemon head, and a never ending bowl of edamame. we delved into conversation interrupted by indecipherable tidbits from the fatherly gentleman (heretofore referenced as FG) who was occupying the space to melody's right.

eventually, FG left his meager belongings in order to play nomad around and about the bar. his space was quickly taken over by a one who appeared to be in his 40's-50's and of indian descent (though he later insisted he was born in neither india nor pakistan) and his comrade from nayshveel.

let's just say melody was wearing a rockin' dress tonight and all the daddylike fellas knew it. melody is one of the sweetest girls i know who is adorable in her own right and despite it all, wears her personality like a badge which overshadows all else.

we went for round two. strawberry fields for her... sea monster for me. as i sipped away with excitement at my liquid green snocone, the martini-tender began moving his hand towards me saying: "here is your garnish". i jumped quickly into a surrealist hyperspace as some piece of my brain tried to impart to the whole of me that a baby octopus on a stick was being placed on the napkin by my martini. i almost started crying as i tried to spit out the words to make it all go away. fellow vegetarian melody was kind to pass the sadly soysauce-drenched cadaver over to FG who devoured it on the spot and tried to convince us that consuming baby octupii was no big thing. in japan. some of the surrealism of the moment was eventually downgraded once i realized the baby octopus cadaver was the 'sea monster' of the sea monster martini. great. i just realized how i contributed to unnecessary death tonight. oh fuckin' shit sigh.

i allowed melody to give in to her black martini as the 'indian' took to rubbing her bared shoulder relentlessly while trying to ply her with even more drinks. i played the 'we don't want her driving drunk' card which had very little effect. the chatting up just would not end, so eventually, i began checking out her wedding ring and asking her a few questions about it. still no slowing down on behalf of the daddy-clan.

so that is how it happened. melody became my wife. after meeting on cedar springs, we moved into a flat in downtown dallas and have spent a happy three... no no... four years together. i knew i was making a move that could go either way. i don't understand why, but it seems to be a popular belief that the boys like the girls who like the girls.

interest was piqued and we increased the intensity of our googledy eyes at one another before announcing we were going to the bathroom together to participate in the activities that girls do in the bathroom together. and then we ran away.

people... please assess your targets carefully. if an infinite gulf exists between you and said target, then let's just keep moving.

ps: even in her blushing youth, melody taught me a new trick... if you drink half your beer and then spill the remainder, you will receive a brand new beer. this information would have come in quite handy back when i was hanging with Herb.

stay tuned for a rather mundane weekend post and followed by an introduction to NakedJew.
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