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coffee, cigarettes, the saddest music in the world, and a dining tragedy

i made the mistake of letting vishvakarman in through the main door of my building saturday evening. then i was barely able to pull him away from the ancient typewriter-contraption by the display case in the foyer. he finally disengaged after he saw i was already in my vehicle, revving the engine and about to take off.

we went to see coffee&cigarettes at the magnolia. i had an inkling it might not be the world's greatest film, but it carried such a crapload of big names i decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

i wouldn't say it wasn't good, it just... wasn't. talk about a big, gaping yawn. i quickly lost count of the number of people exiting the theater in droves.

the movie consisted of countless vignettes (i'm going to borrow your word here, vish), the last of which ended with one of the characters lapsing into an insta-nap! not the wisest segment of a circadian rhythm to end a sleepy movie on.

then, at vish's behest, we went back to deep ellum to dine at cafe brazil. after embarrassing vish with my near verbal quarrel with some unexpected english-challenged parking lot attendants, we decided to park in a spot rife with a putrid stench.

the best part of our dining experience:
a passerby casually made his way up the sidewalk and leaned over to spit out a mouthful without breaking stride. someone so cavalier must simply be spitting chaw juice or a hawking a bit of phlegm.

but no, it was a fantastic display of projectile vomiting and the issuer didn't even look worse for the wear.

needless to say, i was quite excited about this and proceeded to spend a great deal of my attention throughout our visit watching to see who would step in it as i took bites of my thick, orange, chunky artichoke and tomato soup. and then someone did... hurrah! the whitish chunks stretched out a bit after adhering to the bottom of his shoe. and he never even noticed.

countless people barely missed stepping in this glorious pile and some even chose it as their centerpiece for forming a group. not once did anyone notice they were teetering dangerously around a heap of regurgitated dinner and drinks. especially not the guy who walked towards it, turned around, took a step backwards and just barely over it, before facing front again and continuing on.

i'm telling you... this spew was magical in its powers to draw people to it and then push them away at just the last second.

sunday was spent running pointless errands, practicing some more reading-while-drinking beer on the front porch of the gingerman, replenishing my groceries (since the inwood lounge doesn't open until five. boo!), and checking back in at the inwood to see the saddest music in the world...

i suppose i should say this movie was a good one. i think i liked it, it just didn't hook me the way i had hoped it would. i think i'd still recommend viewing it, maybe just because of how very different the film style and storyline are. it was rather like watching a completely surreal dream.

the end.
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