changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

happiness is a banjo.

with a rush of properly dimpled alabaster skin, our protagonistic hero emerges to act out the scene that would later make its influence known in heathers, another proper dark comedy. this particular reel of harold&maude had experienced so much life during its 33 years that it issued forth a flurry of technicolor snow and had lost two scenes to better times: harold wants to be a daisy and harold's third date kills herself.

as i was just investigating the acting history of our female lead, i am amazed to learn there was a tv movie in 1976 entitled look what's happened to rosemary's baby.

[plot outline: Having been adopted by the madam of a southwestern brothel, a now adult Adrian must cope with the fact that he's Satan's kid, and not living up to his expectations. ]

sweet jesus i want to see that.

for someone who could've had a ridden the wave of underground fame to great heights, i'm glad to see bud cort has been busy and sad to see unfortunate circumstances landed him in lesser roles in movies like coyote ugly.

a little something extra not quite completely unrelated:
what the hell?
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