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electronic gear, movies, 3 trips to venice

let's go back in time.

back a little farther.

all the way back.

there we go.

it's friday, may 28. the dawn of june is on the horizon. the first waves of summer heat are making themselves known and reminding you that the stifling weather is worse than you were hoping you remembered it.

at 4:50pm, i surreptitiously signed myself out from monetary prison and played a harried game of speedracer in order to arrive at the apartment office at 5:25pm to retrieve my iRiver. i proceeded to bypass the printed directions, hook it up, and continually produce a mass of fatalistic error messages throughout the evening. fortunately, it is still alive, though the fwd scan is suffering from bi-directional issues.

since i don't spend nearly enough time by myself and don't take in enough cinema, i decided to take the day off from extraneous companionship and treat myself to a double feature.

i tore myself away from ripping cd's long enough to jet up to the magnolia and see i'm not scared. i gave it a 7.5... darren loooved it. i learned that italians in the 70's in rural areas love to wear their underpants. this must have been the first movie i have ever been to that managed to scare the shit out of every last audience member simultaneously.

afterwards, i ducked into the nearest target to grab a car adapter kit. this was the cityplace target which just happens to be a bit of a mexicali target. while there i spotted a toddler mullet and a braided mullet. my cashier was a woman who was so consumed with scratching a rash under the back of her left bra strap, that it took her some time to turn back around and realize the woman in front of me had been trying to hand her money. that made me feel good.

after another quick trip home, i headed out for the angelika. as i watched buster crash stroll across main, i realized my plans of attending a flametrick subs show saturday night were dashed. why did i so desperately want saturday to be the 28th?

spike and mike's festival of animation:
there were some pretty funny moments. there were some pretty disgusting moments. there were some very brief 3D moments.

explore bits of fun like:
beyond grandpa
big hot dickings with Dr. Tran

happy tree friends
Eye Candy
Eye Candy

shaunana, i thought of you as i watched peep show with peep bunnies doin' it ... including a special gang bang scene.

saturday rolled around along with evelyn's early morning phone call bidding my presence in plano that afternoon. dutiful as i am, i hit the road and we made our way to all the plano hot spots: half price books, la madeleine, starbucks, tinseltown movies, starbucks.

turn around now. look the other way.

i went to see mean girls. the best part of the movie was watching the girl in the ticket line beforehand who must not have realized that in order to make her 80's-style skirt cover her snatch, she was compromising the homestead in back. didn't look so pretty.

after the movie, E commented that it wasn't too bad for a flick. it had some smart moments that set it apart from other teen movies.... whoa. i stopped her right there and promised that as soon as we could get her out of plano, we would start the deprogramming process. i was unhappy that critics or ad agents were touting it as a modern day heathers. travesty. it wasn't even a dark comedy for god's sake.

sunday i hopped into darren's car promptly at 11am and met his 9 year old niece. we headed out to fort worth to retrieve our friend amy and hit the turner in venice exhibit at the kimbell museum. we all agreed we were a bit disappointed by the material and gave extra marks off for presentation. once again, i decided the museum needed to hire me just to sort out their audio tour, placement of works, and font size on the placards. my favorite work of art was the museum worker at the end of the first large room: tall, lanky, be-glassed, super short hair. he was probably even wearing some sort of sensible shoe with his museum-issue suit. i thought he had dashed to the last room of the exhibit, but it just turned out to be his shorter, stockier doppelganger.

even though we were supposed to be headed back to hand the niece off to her parents, we decided to hit a mexican restaurant instead and load up on the biggest margaritas this side of the trinity before hitting the road. memorial day weekend. it's required.

darren's niece haley. she's very interested in who's married. walking up amy's sidewalk, we told her amy was married and let's not bring that up. at the table, the topic of conversation turned to the fact that haley, like her uncle darren, is also a S****** until she gets married. i quickly informed her that she doesn't have to change her name. amy won the prize when she followed it up with this bit of life-lesson advice:
if you don't change your name, it makes getting divorced that much easier.

thank you for visiting. meet back here later... different time, same place ... for the exciting conclusion to the Memorial Day Weekend That Just Wouldn't Quit (also known as Part II of Six Movies, Eight Days)
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