changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

Jeux d'enfants and surviving the cyclone.

i met darren at the angelika tonight for a free screening of love me if you dare.

we nestled in amongst the throngs of societal oddities, including the Motorized Wheel Brigade as darren intimated the appearance of subtitles just might drive many of them away. i was hoping one of the refugees would be my neighbor whose long hair was touching my arm.

the movie was fantastically fantastic. i came close to thinking it would be the best movie with the worst ending ever, but then it ended a little more and redeemed itself. we almost missed the closing lines as our audience made exhibit of its combined lack of couth with what had to be the world's hastiest exit. my only complaint about the movie was the periodic appearance of white subtitles on a white ground. what the fuck was going on in the editing room that they let that slip by?

as soon as we exited the theater, we could see the first drops of a massive storm splattering on the concrete. darren took off for the Virgin Megastore as i climbed in my car and pulled out of the parking garage into the worst storm i've seen in a long time.

as the rain pounded down, i feared the strength of the wind would increase enough to roll my car. the AM announced the possibility of a tornado at the ballpark in arlington as my grip tightened on the wheel until my arms begin to shake. it felt like the end of the world as patches of 75 were eerily dark. the traffic lights and half the street lights were completely dead on good latimer which was further impacted with the flashing of ambulance lights.

after running through the downpour and ramming my hip into the push bar on the front door (my entrance coincided unfortunately with a very loud, very close clap of thunder), i squished my way down the hall and thanked my lucky stars and the southeasterly push of the storm that my living room hadn't flooded with even a drop.

the rest of the evening has been spent eating grape tomatoes and sour apple altoids like they were candy, trying to coax my computer into booting back up after being so forcefully disconnected, and writing this entry the old-fashioned way... on paper.
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