changing lives since 2003 (ms_pooka) wrote,
changing lives since 2003

i was well unprepared for the rather shocking news.

it's friday. i arrive home from work and press the button marked 'PLAY' on the answering machine.

it's evelyn:
hi. give me a call back. hank and i are on our way back up from austin. i have some news for you that i think you'll find rather shocking. i'll keep you in suspense for now.

1. evelyn has gotten a teaching job in austin.
2. evelyn has placed a bid on a house in austin.

must be one or both of these possibilities.

i call evelyn back.

e: well hello ms rain ey.
b: are you pregnant?
e: good god, no.
b: what's this shocking news you have for me? did you get a job?
e: yes i did.
b: did you get the one at matthews?
e: no. i got a job in dallas.
b: uh... dallas? what?

evelyn was disappointed with the lack of job and housing opportunities in austin and had begun formulating a Plan B unbeknownst to myself. this plan came quickly to fruition once she accepted a position teaching german at a garland high school and made plans to put a bid on a (rather fantastic, i admit it) house just blocks from darren. hank admitted he'd lost the battle to move back to austin just yet when he saw her excitement after the job interview.

this put me into a subconscious tailspin that added to my already overwhelming load of anxiety and depression. i sadly had to kiss goodbye my hopes of relieving some sorrow with monthly weekends in austin and the foothold to assist me in transitioning there myself. the monster would've been a big stepstool to help me jump over the hurdle. their move was part of the realization that there is little point to me remaining in dallas. my few local friends will not be here forever. i might as well hit the road too. of course, there are many more reasons for this as well.

this only added to my recent desire to do something crazy like quitting my job and making a jump by being a cashier at whole foods in austin. i just now sat down and did the math to see just how crazy that might be. i'd need to be willing and able to take an approximate 44.73% pay cut. that's pretty fuckin' stupid. how much money is my hopefully impending happiness worth? i suppose more and more with each passing hopeless day.

so i return to my daydream that my boss will tell me they're opening a call center in austin and of course they'd love for me to work from there. it'll happen. i just know it.
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